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Introduction: The kamboh international Magazine is a community magazine to keep  people of the kamboh community together from world wide and their services are free for any kamboh around world. Kambomag.net is the Kamboh Community website launched by M.Arslan Hasnat on 14 Aug 2011 as [Kambohmag.com later changed into www.kambohmag.net] is a dedicated website for Kamboh ,kamboj, combo, kamboja community around the glob. It provides up to date information about the events happening around the Kamboh community. The Kambohmag.net is a channel that unravels the past glory of the Kamboh Dynasty . It traces the origins and roots of the clan. Most of the data gathered is based on the works of scholars andresearchers. We are immensely thankful to them. Hopefully, this will become that unique platform where Kamboh ,kamboj, combo, kamboja from all around the world unite. The Kambomag.net community portal provides a unique platform where people can exchange and share their views. It provides a revolutionary way to know about KAMBOH/ KAMBOJ / KAMBOJA / KAMBOJAS on Internet! This website provides a platform of interactive ideas relating to Issues/Ideas concerning the contemporary Kamboh ,kamboj, combo, kamboja community. It also gives information about history, culture, religions, social aspects, political growth, matrimony, events, books, Directory, Q&A, forums, videos, photo gellary, magazine and much more about Kamboh community. We sincerely thank all the people who worked on the different aspects of Kambomag.net

About Team of kamboh International magazine:

Chief Editor
Hasnat Ahmad Kamboh



Naeem Murtaza Kamboh


Exective Editor



Managing Editor
Ch. Khalid Mehmood Kamboh


Deputy Editor
Ch. Umer Khalid


Ch. Muhammad Aslam kamboh



Muhammad Arslan Hasnat

 Arsal Chaudhary- Arslan Hasnat kamboh



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