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kamboh in Pakistan a Complete Overview of cast

Kamboh is frequently used as surname or last name by Muslim Kambojs, currently living in Pakistan. The word Kamboh is a derived from the combination of two terms Kai & Amboh. Amboh means ‘a following’ ‘a family’, or ‘large gathering’. Kai was a royal dynasty of Persiantraditions. Thus Kai plus Amboh =Kaimboh=Kamboh means the royal family …

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Aslam Kamboh secretary education Punjab

Our friend and respectable member of this teachers blog shared with us the the profile of Secretary Education Punjab Mr. Aslam Kamboh. Mr. Aslam Kamboh is contributing towards Education since September 2000 as  Project Director Girls Primary Education. Project Punjab (Asian Development Bank + OPEC Funded) and Project Director (Additional …

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