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kamboh in Pakistan a Complete Overview of cast
kamboh in Pakistan a Complete Overview of cast

kamboh in Pakistan a Complete Overview of cast

Kamboh is frequently used as surname or last name by Muslim Kambojs, currently living in Pakistan.

The word Kamboh is a derived from the combination of two terms Kai & Amboh. Amboh means ‘a following’ ‘a family’, or ‘large gathering’. Kai was a royal dynasty of Persiantraditions. Thus Kai plus Amboh =Kaimboh=Kamboh means the royal family of Kai kings. Thus the Kambohs claim to have descended from the kings of line Kais of the Ancient Persia. .

According to Dr Carry, Kai was a king of Persia who was connected with the royal Kai dynasty which ruled Persia before Dara (Darayvaush or Darius). The royal title Kai frequently finds mention in the Hindu traditions also. This Kai was one of the well-known titles among the ancient royal dynasties of Persia. Kai-kam-bakash was the Greek Cambysis or O.P Kambujiya or Kambaujiya (Kamboja of Sanskrit literature) according to Persian traditions.

The first emperor of Kai dynasty was Kai-Kabad.

He ruled in Persia and his Capital was Persipolis. He ruled for 15 years. He was followed by his son Kai-Kaus. Son of Kai-Kaus was married to princess of Turan (Central Asia), a daughter of king Afrasyab. The result of this marital union was the birth of a great king Kai-Khusro who later ruled over Persia. According to interprettations of Historians, Kai-Khusro was the successor of Darius I. The names for these Achamenian kings as appear in Greek are very much corrupted form of actual names of Persian and Hindu traditions. As is stated above the kings of Kai dynasty of the Persian traditions correspond to those from the Achamenian dynasty of the Greek writings and that of O.P Inscriptions. Further, numerous scholars have related the Achaemenian kings to the Persian Kambojas.

Kai Khusro was the this king of Kainid Dynasty. He was the grandson of Kai Kausand son of Siyavush. Name of this king Kai-Khusro is included among the list of most righteous kings and also finds mention in the 8th Hakayat ].

“Rustam placed on throne the founder of a new dynasty that of the Kais, so called because every king’s name is preceded by Kai. The traditional Kais correspond roughly to the historical line of Achamenids or Achamenian Persian dynasty for they end with the conquest of Alexandrera”

Thus from above, the legendary warrior Rustam & his son warrior Suharab belonged to the Persian Kambojas of Kai or Achamenian line. The great warrior Rustam has been described as the shield of Persia.

Thus according to the above view, the Kai was indeed a royal title in Persian traditions for many of kings who correspond roughly to the royal line of the Achamenian kings of Greek writings with whom the Kambojs might indeed be connected through their tradition (Kai+Amboh=Kaimboh=Kamboh).

There are number of kamboh in pakistan

Kamboh (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan
Map Source: Omid / Joshua Project / Global Mapping Intl
Kamboh (Muslim) in Pakistan
Population In Whole World
Largest Religion
Islam (100.00%)
Main Language
Punjabi, Western

Profile Introduction

Muslim Kambohs have a tradition they descended from the ancient Kai dynasty of Persia. Muhammad Umar writes: “The (Muslim) Kamboh distinguished themselves by their courage, generosity and high spirits. They were famous for their excellent manners and were particularly gifted with wisdom and nobility…..perhaps with a view to maintaining the purity of their descent, or because of pride of nobility, they confined their matrimonial relationships within their own groups and did not establish marriage connections with other Muslim groups including even the Saiyids and the Mughals.” Kambojs are known as adventurous and enterprising people.
Ministry Obstacles Spiritual opposition to the Gospel is intense in Pakistan.
Outreach Ideas Pray for an insatiable hunger in the hearts of the Kamboh for knowledge of the true God.
Pray for the Followers of Christ There may not be a single follower of Jesus among the Kamboh today, in either Pakistan or India. Please pray the Lord will begin to stir their hearts to seek a Savior for their sin.
Pray for the Entire People Group Please pray the Kamboh community will be set free from a religion that offers no promise of eternal life, nor does it offer power for living this life victoriously.

General Info

People Name General Kamboh (Muslim traditions)
People Name in Country Kamboh (Muslim traditions)
Population in Pakistan 851,000
World Population 882,000
Total Countries 2
Indigenous Yes
Unreached Yes
Progress Scale 1
Alternate Names Combodia, Kambodia, Kamboh, کمبوہ
People ID 17581
ROP3 Code 113008

The Kamboh (Muslim traditions) people group is reported in 2 countries

Affinity Bloc South Asian Peoples
People Cluster Punjabi
People Group Kamboh (Muslim traditions)
Ethnic Code CNN25n


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