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kamboh in Pakistan a Complete Overview of cast

Kamboh is frequently used as surname or last name by Muslim Kambojs, currently living in Pakistan. The word Kamboh is a derived from the combination of two terms Kai & Amboh. Amboh means ‘a following’ ‘a family’, or ‘large gathering’. Kai was a royal dynasty of Persiantraditions. Thus Kai plus Amboh =Kaimboh=Kamboh means the royal family …

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kamboh cast history

HISTORY OF KAMBOJ PEOPLE Mostly foreigners or non-Kamboja Indian people wrote the books of history. The outsiders or unattached writers no doubt can write more positively about us but they tend to miss some of the salient aspects of our tribes. People seems to be very much ignorant about the …

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How to Register On kamboh forums

How to Register On kamboh forums How to Register On kamboh forums How to Register On kamboh forums How to Register On kamboh forums 2016-07-27 admin Review this video 0 0% User Rating: 4.23 ( 4 votes)

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Name of  Book     WAQIAT E LAHORE Written by           Prof  Muhammad Naeem  Murtaza  New Book Published By        Hasnat Ahmad Chaudhary Shahlimar Publication,Lahore Price   Rs, 400/ Stockists                 Pakistan book center chowk Urdu bazar …

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Eid Mubarak to All kamboh

Aslam-o-Alaikum and Happy Eid Greetings. I pray to ALLAH for your long life,good health,success and happiness in your life. May Allah Pak give prosperity and peace to this country and to whole Muslim Nation. Aameen.! Have a very happy and blessed day Regds HASNAT AHMAD CHAUDHRY KAMBOH

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Mahabat Khan Kamboh Mosque

The Mahabat Khan Mosque (Urdu, Pashto: مہابت خان مسجد) is a 17th-century mosque in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is named after the Mughal governor of Peshawar Nawab Mahabat Khan Kamboh who served under Emperors Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb. Nawab Mahabat Khan Kamboh was the grandson of Nawab Dadan Khan …

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Submit to Directory

  Enter The Following details Note: we will Review first and then upload we upload details as it is so be careful while sending data. In order to delete or modify any data send us SR no along with email or mobile no.   Enter The Following details Note: we …

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