Ziauddin Ahmed
ضیاء الدین احمد
Born Ziauddin Ahmed Zuberi
13 February 1878
Meerut, State of Uttar Pradesh,British Indian Empire
Cast Zubari Kamboh
Died 23 December 1947 (aged 69)
London, Great Britain
Residence Aligarh, Aligarh district, Uttar Pradesh.
Citizenship British India (1878–1947)
Nationality Indian
Fields Mathematics
Social reformer
Institutions London Mathematical Society
Royal Astronomical Society
M.A.O. College
Aligarh Muslim University
Trinity College, Cambridge
University of Paris
University of Bologna
Alma mater Allahabad University
Calcutta University
University of Göttingen
Doctoral advisor Dr. James Reynold
Known for As a politician,he was a member of British Indian Parliament,Muslim Renessence,Aligarh Movement his leading and central role in the Pakistan Movement and the Two-Nation Theory.
As a mathematician, his research work on Differential geometry, Projective geometry,Logarithmic applications and sciences, and Algebraic geometry and analytic geometry.
Notable awards Strachey Gold Medal (1895)
Sir Isaac Newton Scholarship
First general secretary of the Muslim League, and the close companion of Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Moti Lal Nehru.

Sir Ziauddin Ahmad CIE, MP (Urdu: ضیاء الدین احمد‎, born Ziauddin Ahmed Zuberi (Urdu: ضیاء الدین احمد زبیری‎) on 13 February 1878 – died 23 December 1947) was an Indian mathematician, parliamentarian, logician, natural philosopher, politician, political theorist, educationalist and scholar. He was one of the strongest pillar of Aligarh Movement and was a professor, first Pro Vice Chancellor, vice-chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University and later on rector of Aligarh Muslim University, India and above all a very great humanitarian and benefactor of of the Muslims of Indo-Pak Subcontinent.
It has left indelible marks on our education system and our nation owe him a great deal.
Born in 1877 in Meerut (now Merath) in the famous Zuberi (Kamboh) family of India, he showed Dr. Syed Ziauddin signs of exceptional intelligence and diligence in when he was very young.
He received a master’s degree in 1897 and in 1901. D.Sc brilliant academic career and won it scholorship to join the Cambrige University in 1901 where he took his Tripos sports and became a Wrangler.
He btained P.hd him in 1905 from Gottengen University in Germany, and visited major European cities, as well as Cairo before returning to Aligarh in1906 with all honor to join the alma mater as a professor of mathematics.
sir. Ziauddin Ahmed issued a solemn service for Muslims in the Indian subcontinent, and has worked for Progress and devoted all his life to the elimination of ignorance and illiteracy.
Sidi Ahmed Ziauddin can be a ton next to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in the spread of education among Muslims who owe him deep gratitude. And played a dominant role in the renaissance of Islamic education in the sub-continent afterSir Syed Ahmed Khan, faithfully carried the torch of the right to education in the rank and file of the Muslims in all parts of the Indian sub-continent.
Most of the faithful, succeeding Sir Syed was carrying upon himself the task of educating people in the teeth of opposition, when he moved to England to receive the coveted scholorship Sir Isaac Newton.
Sir Syed asked to sign a bond for five years to serve the university after return. He said during the signing of the bonds his master that he had already decided to serve the institution for life. He actually; there to walk Syedtore bonds and tears streaming down his face in the appreciation and embraced the religion Sir Zia most affectionately.
In addition to his professional duties Sir Ziauddin took an active part in all the movements associated with the promotion of social, educational and political progress of the Indian sub-continent. He was one of the earliest members of the ALL-INDIA MUSLIM LEAGUE and stuck to the organization until the end of his life. According to the desire of the Great Leader, he became Sir Ziauddin Secretary of the Muslim League in the newly organized Central Assembly in India in 1938.
Affairs issues in the rail, and make budget and said he was an expert.
Reserve Bank of affairs in India achieved the target was Indian Congress fought and lost.
In 1917 he was appointed Dr. Ziauddin member of the Committee of Calcutta University, which was Sir Michael Sadler President.
It was Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmed lieutenant confidence and associates Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, vice Viqarul King, vice Mohsinul King, Sir Sultan Mahomed Khan Agha Khan 111, Syedna Taher Saifuddin, the Great Leader and Commander e Millat Liaquat Ali Khan.
The daughter of Dr. Syed Ziauddin Ahmed, Dr. Fatima Ijaz Tajammul and her husband, Dr. Tajammul Hussein and Dr. Asim Hussain deserves all the praise for the establishment of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital and Ziauddin University to commemorate the great hero.
Mubarak Shah Zuberi, President Overseas Chapter, and Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Memorial Society (Reg).


He was born on 13 February 1878, in Meerut, British India and received his high school education at Meerut. He obtained his intermediate from Allahabad University in 1893 and then a BA in mathematics (with distinction) at Aligarh in 1895, winning the Strachey Gold Medal. He was appointed as assistant master in the Mahommedan Anglo-Oriental (MAO) College. He pledged to Sir Syed that he would dedicate his life to the MAO College and left the job of deputy collector, at the time when the salary and prestige of the two posts varied considerably.

He did an MA) in mathematics from Calcutta University and from Allahabad University in 1897 and 1899, respectively and then a DSc from Allahabad. He was the first Muslim to obtain a DSc in mathematics. He won a scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1901 for an Honours Degree in Mathematics in 1901 from where he took his mathematical Tripos, topping the university and becoming aWrangler. He obtained his PhD degree in 1905 from Gottengen University in Germany. For further education, Ziauddin joined Paris University and later Bologna University Italy. On his return to India, he joined his alma mater as a professor of mathematics, and graduated with excellence by securing the first position. He was also awarded Sir Isaac Newton Scholarship in 1904, a rare academic honour. He was made a member of the Mathematical Society of London and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. He did his PhD from Gottingen University, Germany. He also visited Paris University in France and Bologna University in Italy for advanced studies in the field of modern geometry.

On his return in 1906, Ziauddin devoted himself to serve his alma mater for the rest of his life.In 1911, he was appointed Secretary of the A.M.U. Foundation Committee as well as Constitution Committee.


It was with his efforts that a Medical and Engineering college were founded and the Aligarh Muslim College converted to Aligarh Muslim University where Ziauddin Ahmad worked as a lecturer, professor, principal, pro-vice-chancellor, vice-chancellor and rector respectively.Ziauddin can be reckoned as next to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the spread of education among the Muslims who owe him a profound sense of gratitude.

Ziauddin played a dominant role in the renaissance of Muslim education in the Indian sub-continent after Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and faithfully handed the torch of education to the rank and file of the Muslims throughout the sub-continent. As a successor of Syed, he carried on the task of educating the people in the teeth of opposition when he proceeded to England to receive the coveted Sir Isaac Newton Scholarship. He was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire (CIE) in the 1915 King’s Birthday Honours list. In 1917 Ziauddin was also appointed member of the Calcutta University Commission of which Sir Michael Saddler was the President.

Ziauddin rendered services to the Muslims of the sub-continent, worked for their progress and welfare and devoted all his life to the eradication of ignorance and illiteracy. He became a member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of UP in 1919 and 1922.The second Muslim Kamboh Conference held at Marehra (District Etha U.P) on 21 and 22 April 1935 in Marison Islamia School was presided over by Ziauddin.

He was one of the earliest members of the All-India Muslim League. Knighted in the 1938 New Year Honours list, Ziauddin became the Parliamentary Secretary of the Muslim League in the Central Assembly of India the same year. He remained a member (M.P.) of the Central Assembly of India from 1930 till 1947. In 1946, he was the chief whip of the Muslim League in the Central Assembly.

He was the first Indian Principal of the M.A.O. College and became its first Pro-Vice-Chancellor. He was elected Vice-Chancellor in 1934 and remained so until 1946 with a couple of breaks for several reasons, and thus became the longest serving Vice-Chancellor in the history of Aligarh Muslim University. He was also appointed Rector of the University. He was a great parliamentarian. He was appointed a Member of State Assembly in 1919 as representative of Allahabad University. He was elected a Member of Central Assembly in 1930.His close association with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan made him the embodiment of dignity, excellence and virtue.


Ziauddin was One of the earliest mathematicians who, along with Professor Chakravarti founded the first group of teachers and research workers whose main interests were in Astronomy, History of Mathematics and Theory of Functions. They carried out many innovations in teaching and research.[6] For the first time in 1890, a society called M.A.O. College Mathematics Society was formed with Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad as its President and Mr. A.M. Kureishy as its Secretary.

The society has been continuing its activities and is now known as Aligarh Mathematical Society.The Department of Mathematics came into existence on the elevation of M.A.O. College to the status of a residential University in 1920. Thus the department of Mathematics is amongst the oldest departments of the University. Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmad became the first Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematics.


He was a great parliamentarian. He was appointed a Member of State Assembly in 1919 as representative of Allahabad University. He was elected a Member of Central Assembly in 1930. Ziauddin was the Secretary of the newly organised Muslim League in the Central Assembly of India in 1938.He moved Indian Foreign Relation Act in the Parliament. Sir Ziauddin did an outstanding job in Budget-making for the Indian Railwaysand later also worked with the Reserve Bank of India. When RBI was founded he was involved in successfully moving the largest amount of amendments for its more efficient functioning.Sir Ziauddin Ahmad was a trusted Lieutenant and Associate of the Muslim pioneers like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk Kamboh, Nawab Mohsinul Mulk, Sir Sultan Muhammad Khan Aga Khan, Syedna Tahir Saifuddin.

When British rulers of the subcontinent hanged father of Pir Pagara Pir Sabghatullah Shah Rashidi on 20 March 1943, in the Central Jail, Hyderabad, Sindh, and abolished his Gaddi (Spiritual Office), Pir PagaraSyed Shah Mardan Shah-II was hardly 15 years old.During the same year Dr Sir Ziauddin Ahmad, who was at that time the vice-chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, took him and his brother to Aligarh. At Aligarh both the brothers stayed in `English House` which was a hostel established specially to house the sons of nawabs and rajas of the subcontinent. In 1946 again Dr SirZiauddin arranged for their education at England.Dr Qayyum Pasha, son-inlaw of Dr Sir Ziauddin Ahmad, went to England with Pir Pagara and his brother, through ship from Bombay, and stayed with them as their guardian.

After the partition in 1947 it was the campaign launched by Pir Ali Muhammad Rashidi, through Sindh Observer, that in fact was instrumental in restoration of the Gaddi of Pir Pagara in 1952.


Dr Ziauddin ahmed died on 23 December 1947 in London, Great Britain while visiting the Imperial College London’s Mathematics Department.When the High Commissioner of India Krishna Menon and High Commissioner of Pakistan visited him he made a wish in case of his death his body should be brought toAligarh. In compliance of his wishes, his body was brought to Aligarh, India and buried by the side of his mentor Sir Syed Ahmed Khan at Jama Masjid within the campus of Aligarh Muslim University.


Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed son Zakauddin Ahmad lived in Aligarh in the same house. He belongs to Zubari Kamboh  Family. Zakauddin has three children Anjum Zia (female), Nigaht Zia (female), Ahmad Ziauddin (Ahmad Zia). Ahmad Ziauddin is survived by his wife Roohi Zuberi and Children Mohammad Ziauddin (Rahi), Shamhbaz Ziauddin, Sheeraz Ahmad and Sadaf Ahmad . Dr. Ejaz Fitma wife of Dr. Tajammul Hussain is daughter of Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed she have four children (two sons & two daughters namely Dr. Asim Hussain, Dr. Rubina Hussain, Dr. Arif Hussain & Sabina Hussain, owner of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital Karachi.


  • Stratchey Gold Medal
  • Tripos Wrangler in Mathematics
  • Sir Isaac Newton Scholarship
  • A four Hostel hall is named after Sir Ziauddin at Aligarh Muslim University, in December 1982.
  • Dental College is named after him at Aligarh Muslim University, Sir Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College in 2003.
  • Ziauddin Medical University, Karachi, Pakistan was established in his honour
  • A major street in Karachi, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, was named in his honour.